Our Story


Pershella Collection was established in August 2020. 

Our normal daily routines have been upended due to Covid19 pandemic. No more going to the office, to school, to volunteer work, to meet friends, to visit family — no more going anywhere. Stuck indoors and working online became commonplace for many of us overnight.

With the e-commerce booming, the continuous changes in the norms today makes the demand for online products to be high. Rose just can’t let go of the opportunity that’s why she decided to enter the scene through establishing an e-commerce business, Pershella Collection, a bedding sets, lingerie sets and sleepwear products designed for women. 

Our mission is to provide people with silk sleepwear gifts at reasonable prices. We make sure that our products will be the ultimate meditation in your bedroom.

After launching with just three classic yet meticulously considered styles, the "Permelia, Rose and Pristin Robe Sets" Pershella Collection grew to include an extensive offering of silk pajamas, bathrobes, kimonos, nightdresses, bras and panties, lingerie sets, sleepwear accessories, sleepwear slippers, men pjs and bedding sets, scented candles and face masks. 
What's in the name? 

When referring to the brand name "Pershella" it comes from the dream of our founder. She searched the meaning of this name and it means a "generous woman". The founder is the eldest daughter among 4 siblings with having a very generous spirit.
 “Collection "something that is collected; a group of objects or an amount of material accumulated in one location, especially for some purpose. 
What an interesting dream; that’s how Pershella was born!